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Economy Valet

Cars from £35

MPV/4x4 from £45

  • Full external wash and dry
  • Wheels cleaned
  • External plastics and tyres dressed
  • Windows cleaned inside and out
  • Dashboard cleaned and dusted
  • Carpets hoovered
  • Interior plastics dressed

Economy Valet Plus

Economy Plus Valet Cars from £50 MPV/4x4 from £60
  • As Per Economy Valet*
  • Exterior paint work hand waxed

Full Valet

Cars from £70 MPV/4x4 from £80
  • As Per Economy Valet Plus*
  • External tar removed
  • Spare wheel area cleaned
  • Carpets and seats deep cleaned
  • Door shuts hand polished
  • Internal trim deep cleaned and dressed
  • Above prices subject to vehicle condition.

Valeting Detailing

Chews Valeting and Detailing are a family run business, established in 2004 offering a wide range of services.

We are not a £10 car wash company, we will not ruin your paintwork, in fact many of our customers have come to us to have damage reversed caused by cheaper roadside hand wash companies. With decades of experiance within the motor trade you can be assured your vehicle is in the best possible hands.  Whether you are looking to get the best price for your pride and joy of just want to keep it in an impecable condition. Call us for free and impartial advise on the services available.

We offer a professional valeting/detailing range of services which also covers,

Paint Sealant Application

Modern car paintwork is very easily damaged with poor and infrequent washing and by using Auto-Car Washes or Roadside Car Washes. this will result in a car with tired looking, dull and micro-scratched paintwork. Chews use the latest professional techniques and products available. Whether it be Natural Carnauba Waxes or Synthetic Polymer Sealants. The use of the sealant will keep in the gloss look of your vehicle and will protect the paintwork as well.

Interior Protection

The interior of a car is a hard one to keep clean, especially with young children, animals and constant use. We offer a stain guard for fabric and one for leather as well. The mess will easily wipe off once the car has been treated.

Caravan and Motorhome Valeting

We can offer a full range of services to look after your get away holiday home.  From a basic refresh to a full detailed clean.  We can maintain and care for it so you can enjoy those precious down time moments.

Vans and Commercials

We all know how dirty and neglected a commercial vehicle can become over time. Whether you are looking to enhance your company image or wanting to maximise the residual value for sale.  Call us for a full range of reconditioning options.

 Sign writing/wrapping removal

We offer a full removal service on the above including glue removal and paint renovation.  To ensure there are no signs of previous markings.


  • Detailing is a more extensive service to that of valeting. It is an extremely thorough cleansing, polishing and waxing of your car. Particular attention is given to the paintwork to produce a show quality finish usually even better than when the car first left the showroom. All the rubber seals and plastic trims are cleaned and rejuvenated, restoring a deep black natural finish. You will be amazed how your car will look. Detailing will create stunning results for your personal pleasure, it will also make future cleaning easier.
  • Using pure water heated to 60 degrees the paintwork is pressure rinsed to remove any surface grit and dirt. The car is then treated to a foam soak to loosen and remove further dirt. Again the car is pressure rinsed and then hand washed using the two bucket method. Alloy wheels are cleaned with acid free wheel cleaner as well as the wheel arches, door shuts, boot and bonnet gutters and fuel flap. The car is pressure rinsed and towel dried. Once dry the alloy wheels are clayed to remove any surface contamination.
  • Your cars interior, together with the boot area are thoroughly vacuumed, this includes the carpets, mats, upholstery, seat crevices, centre console, door pockets/panels and caps, and rear parcel shelf. Air vents are brushed and vacuumed, ashtrays removed, washed and polished and replaced. If necessary a thorough deep shampooing of the interior will clean, freshen and help keep your car germ free. All glass will be polished with a high quality glass cleaner/polish.
  • Is clay barring necessary? Absolutely! After thoroughly washing and drying your car, run your fingers over the surface, with your hand in a cellophane bag as this makes your sense of touch more sensitive making bumps and rough spots easier to feel these are contaminants attacking the finish of your car. Removing these contaminants e.g. ferrous dust, which oxidises, bird droppings, road tar, acid rain spots, bug residue, paint over-spray, brake dust, hard water spots, etc., will enhance the cars appearance. The finished results are amazing.
  • The most important part in detailing is the correct preparation of the paintwork before polishing and waxing. This process takes time and cannot be rushed. Highly skilled use of a rotary polisher is necessary to flatten and level the paint. Paint correction will remove blemishes such as oxidation, swirl marks, buffer trails, marring, holograms and removable scratches. The use of a high powered sunlight lamp reveals the blemishes which may otherwise be hidden in artificial or poor light. At least 80% of blemishes will be removed. The alternative would be a costly re-spray.
  • Detailing the interior of your car involves vacuuming, the option of extraction shampoos, cleaners, creams, protectors, brushes and swabs. Engine detailing involves cleaning the engine bay and the removal of dirt and grease by using degreasers and specialist cleaners, polishes, brushes and swabs. Detailing the engine bay should be done at least twice a year.
  • After washing and clay barring the paintwork is ready for polishing and waxing. The secret to a professional finish is to use a pure paint cleaner, followed up by a pure paint polish before applying carnauba wax by hand. Pure paint polishes are used because these have been specially formulated to create a stunning high shine finish by conditioning and nourishing the paint. The higher and purer the carnauba wax content, the better the protection and shine. The wax is applied to the entire car by hand.